Monday, January 10, 2011

Gosh I'm proud of my underwear

So apparently facebook  allows websites to show users who "like" their business page. I already knew this because I have that function on my own website for Sherri Paxton Photography. I didn't really give it much thought until my cousin texted me saying the Cool Running website had my facebook picture on the front page. And that she was "LMAO". Huh? That's weird, I told her, but why is she cracking up? Then it dawned on me. And I thought "OH HELL NO!" so I texted her back "Is it my profile pic with my underwear?" I'm guessing she was still laughing her ass off when she replied back "yes". Crap! I immediately logged on fb and changed my profile pic with a quickness. But I wonder how many people got to see me holding up my new boi shorts so proudly. And I was mortified.

It's one thing for my friends and family to see me make a fool of myself. As a matter of fact I think they kind of expect it of me. But for the rest of the world and random strangers to witness it? No, that's just embarassing. But then I started thinking, well I am proud to be totally transparent and honest. I mean that's kinda why I have this blog, right? So yah, I wear boy's Spiderman undies and I am proud of it. Plus they are totally cool, 'cuz HELLO, Marvel Comics!

I did mention I'm a big dork, right?

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