Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I think I'm still asleep

Sara woke me up this morning with a rushed "get up, we're late, get up, get up". I could barely open my eyes. But, it's still dark outside, I don't understand. I think my nightly medication was taken too late and she woke me too early, too fast. I feel drunk, or stoned, or something. I stumbled into the bathroom to get ready, thankful I had showered right before bed the night before. I tripped 3 times trying to get into my pants, I swear the legs kept moving, I tossed gel on my hair, I think it was gel. It might have been leave in conditioner, or hand lotion - I really don't know. I couldn't find my shoes. I made it into the kitchen to make our lunches and morning to-go coffees. I started the coffee and started pulling lunchmeat, hummus and assorted other items out of the fridge and laying them on the counter. Never noticing I hadn't put anything in the coffee maker to catch the coffee pouring out. Sheesh. Now coffee is all over the counter, all over the food I just sat on the counter. I grabbed a cup, shoved it under the stream and started mopping up coffee. At which point I decided to pick up the coffee maker to wipe underneath it. I knocked it over. Of course. Now I had even more coffee spilled down the side of the dishwasher, on the floor, all over the counter. I grabbed another towel and started over. The whole time barely conscious.

Then I just calmly went about making lunches. Sara likes ham, she didn't like the turkey, don't forget to use her "special" mustard, put cheese on hers. Grab some turkey and hummus for yourself and some flat bread. Ok, Clif bar in each lunch bag in case we need to skip a meal, Sara gets a coconut bar for dessert, oh look coffee is finally done, there's Sara pouring it in her cup. I mumble something incoherent about spilling coffee. She just shakes her head and asks me "did you make my lunch too?" I just look at her like "duh". She sticks her head in her lunch bag, pulls the Clif bar out, puts it on the counter and sticks an apple in there. I reach around her while her back is turned and put it back in, just in case.

"Come on we're really late" she says, walking out the door. She grabs my keys, my wallet, my glasses and hands them to me. We get to the car and I realize I'm still in my socks. "Honey, where's my brown Vans?" I slur out. "In the car, babe." She reaches in and hands them to me to put on. We get in and she reminds me to plug my iPhone in the charger cuz she noticed it's almost dead. We pull out and head off to work.

This is our morning routine. I take care of her, she takes care of me. We co-exist in this little world we made up during the past 13 years. We get frustrated and we argue and bicker, who doesn't? But we laugh, we love and we nurture. We take care of each other. I like this little world we live in. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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  1. Boi, have I had those moments. Take meds too late, drive to work and wonder how you got there. Forgot important clothing, or food. I totally get that. I love what you said about routine though, even when I am half asleep, I can make a little person's lunch, get them dressed, shoes on and out the door (although I can't always say the same for me--haha!).